We as a brand provide you variety of design with high quality products. When you buy from us you are not just buying an object, you are buying a moment of someones life and most importantly you are buying 100’s of hours of time to create a precious piece of artand you are buying the time of artist that they are passionate about. When it comes to handmade people consider it as a cheap product, well, its not because this piece of art is made with lots of love , passion and hardwork. What possibly could be more valuable than this.

India is known as a culturally diverse country, as we know each culture has its own unique form of art which is practiced in different part of the country so our motive is to give opportunity to all the craftsman and artists from across the country to showcase their skill which they have been practicing from long time. We as a brand want to bring all the handmade products together in one platformwhich many of us haven’t seen that is the biggest motivation for our brand. So our brand would be proud to represent all these precious and beautiful products in our sites. Not only representing within the country but we would be very proud to represent it globally so that the world could see the beauty of Indian art.

Aaqib bhat

College dropout ready to work and take the artform over seas and provide knowledge about the art which is likely to be known by very less mass

Sharmila Gurung

I have always passionate about changing ordinary space into extraordinary with the use of my imagination and design patterns and tremendous amount of love for colours.

Saier Farooq

engineering student who fell in love with the colors and culture around him and wanted to go along that path with his team.