Craftisen was started in 2018 and since then has been serving our customers happily .
Craftisen was started by three people out of which two, Aaqib Bhatt & Saier Farooq were studying in Presidency University Bangalore pursuing their and are from Kashmir and one more team member Sharmila Gurung who had completed her bachelor’s is from Nepal . Aaqib Bhat came up with the idea of craftisen and with his tech knowledge created something which was acknowledged within couple of months of establishment .

Being from and engineering background Aaqib Bhatt & Saier Farooq took the responsibility of the digitalisation of the company but had less knowledge about the interactions with customers, designing and photography of the products which was taken over by Sharmila Gurung and the company was complete which led to the start of the sales . As we were all students we had no funding so we started investing our pocket money and a little help from our uncle because we knew with a little hard work the goal was not far . We have been in banglore for a while now and we saw that all those embroidery products are either low quality or at a very high price , being from Kashmir we knew that how the product should be and how should be the price and what should be the design as per our customer needs. It was pretty simple what we had to do next , we bought in stocks with all the original embroidery products and kept it at best price with very less margin.Later as the sales started growing which gave us motivation and with the money , we invested in getting more stocks . We had to spend very less on marketing as most of the sales were done by the customer referrals and we have sold most of the stocks in couple of states where Punjab, Chandigarh , Haryana and Bangalore lead the charts .
Right now we have 2000+ happy customers all over India and growing ..